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To support and enhance policy, regulatory & standards initiatives for the proliferation of high quality broadband in the country in a technology-neutral and all-inclusive manner.

Broadband India Forum (BIF) functions as a policy forum and think-tank that works for the development & enhancement of the entire broadband ecosystem in a holistic technology-neutral and service-neutral manner. BIF seeks to be a thought leader and a credible and effective voice to help propel the nation to achieve the country’s ambitious vision r of creating a Digital India. To achieve this, BIF works to promote the rapid development of policies to promote affordable and high speed ubiquitous broadband throughout the country. Registered as IPTV Society, its brand - BIF was formed in October 2015 and is a fairly nascent but dedicated Forum with participation from all stake holders, including Technology Providers, Telecom Operators, Internet Service Providers, Value-Added Service Providers, Satellite Operators and service providers, MSO, startups and professional entities as well as seasoned Industry professionals who are familiar with different technologies, operations, regulations and policies.

The Forum’s senior leadership team includes renowned and respected professionals from background of Industry, Regulator and Government:

  • Mr. Shyamal Ghosh, Former Secretary-Telecom and co-founder of IPTV Society, is the Chairman Emeritus.
  • Mr. M. F. Farooqui, IAS (Retd.), former Secretary-Telecom, is the current Chairman
  • Mr. T. V. Ramachandran, Hon. Fellow of the IET(London), former Resident Director-Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations, Vodafone, and first Director General of COAI, is the President of the Forum.
  • Mr. Parag Kar, Sr. VP Govt. Affairs, India and South Asia-Qualcomm and Mr. Ashwani Rana, Head Connectivity Policy-Facebook are current Vice Presidents.
  • Mr Anil Prakash is the Director General.
  • Mr. S. N. Gupta, seasoned technocrat and senior luminary who has worked in DoT and as a Principal Adviser to TRAI (Regulator) is the Treasurer.

We are greatly privileged to have a distinguished Panel of dignitaries & experts as Honorary Principal Advisers:

  • Dr. Kuldip Singh, former Member TDSAT and former CMD MTNL,
  • Mr P K Garg, former Wireless Advisor, Govt of India and former Chairman, RRB, ITU,
  • Mr B K Syngal, a veteran of the telecom sector, - former CMD, VSNL
  • Mr. J V Ramamurthy, former Director, HCL,
  • Mr. D P Singh &Mr.Abhishek Malhotra, Partners of 'Arthe Law'- a firm specialized in TMT legal&policy affairs.
  • Mr Rajesh Mehrotra, formerly with the Space Services Department of the Radiocommunication Bureau at ITU HQ, Geneva and Secretary to Working groups at world Radio Conferences at WRC-03 & WRC-07.
  • Dr Mahesh Uppal, Telecom Consultant for the last 20 years – he was actively involved in the formative years of regulation and competition in India’s telecom sector and contributed extensively to the process in creating the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI), India’s first market regulator.
  • Dr B.M. Baveja, former Senior Director and Group Coordinator at MeitY. He is a fellow member of IETE. He is an IEEE Member since 1974.

The above eminent Panel actively guides and mentors us in the various areas of our work. As Members of BIF, we have several corporate and startups of high repute:

Sr.No. Member Sr.No. Member
1. AT&T 15. Intelsat
2. Air Jaldi 16. Koan Advisory
3. BSNL 17. Microsoft
4. Blue Town 18. Nelco (a TATA Group company)
5. Cambium Networks 19. Orbitel Research
6. C-DOT 20. Ortel Communications
7. Cisco 21. Qualcomm
8. Ericsson 22. Sterlite
8. Ericsson 22. Sterlite
9. Facebook 23. TCIL
10. Google 24. Via Sat
11. Huawei 25. Win Broadband
12. Hughes 26. XiFi-Phimetrics
13. Intel 27. Ruckus
14. Hotstar 28. Amazon
29. Aeris Technologies

The membership has been growing steadily over the last two years and there are more to join. BIF's mission is to support and enhance all policy, regulatory & standards initiatives for the proliferation of hi-quality, hi-bandwidth broadband in the country. We have, in a short period of time contributed significantly to regulatory and policy consultations and built up a good level of credibility, reputation and standing with key institutions like DOT, Niti Aayog and TRAI. BIF functions through an Executive Council (headed by the President) and several specialist Committees on various subjects like New Technologies & Innovations, Policy & Licensing, Content & Applications, Infrastructure, Privacy, Trust & Security and SatCom.

The activities of the Forum broadly relate, inter alia, to:

  • coordination, promotion and formulation of expert opinion on topical subjects related to Broadband,
  • to act as a credible and reliable platformfor Industry, Government, Regulatory and Standards agencies,
  • Spearhead independent and non-partisan work in several areas related to policy, regulation and standards,
  • conducting conferences, seminars and knowledge events,
  • writing research papers and white papers in collaboration with reputed research institutes such as ICRIER, IIM Bangalore and Counterpoint Research,
  • running awareness campaigns within the highest echelons of Government’s policy makers on several issues,
  • releasing media articles on issues currently pertinent to telecom in India such as Make in India, EMF radiation, Net Neutrality, Internet Telephony, SatCom Liberalization & Reforms, V band, GST, Wireless Fiber, etc,
  • conducting R&D Projects as part of an overall Consumer Awareness Program.

Our published White Papers & Reports have been on:

  • SatCom Innovations, Applications & Policy Guidance by SatCom Working Group (June 2016)
  • Maximizing Local Value Addition in India Mobile Phone Manufacturing – A joint report by IIM Bangalore & Counterpoint Researchers (November 2016)
  • V band – 60 GHz: The Key to Affordable Broadband in India – White Paper by BIF
  • Incentivizing domestic manufacturing in India under the GST regime – Ernst & Young & BIF (December 2016)
  • Estimating the Value of New Generation Internet Based Applications in India by ICRIER & BIF (July 2017)
  • BIF Quarterly News Letter – Bits & Bytes, brings out information on its activities and on policy and regulatory intervention.
  • The Economic and Societal Value of Rich Interaction Applications in India by WIK, Germany & BIF (16 November 2017)

At BIF, apart from our direct activities, we believe in actively contributing to the sector also through strong partnerships or cooperation agreements or MOUs with other key stakeholder institutions. E.g.

  • The reputed 150-yearold Institution of Engineering & Technology, which is headquartered in London and having India Office in Bangalore, and BIF have agreed to work collaboratively through a Cooperation Agreement.
  • We have an active and fruitful agreement with CUTS, a reputed international body devoted to consumer issues.
  • President, BIF has been nominated by the Department of Telecommunications to serve as an expert member in the “High Level Government Forum for 5G India 2020”. The 1st meeting of this important Committee that is chaired by the Secretary DoT and co-chaired by the Secretary of MeitY and the Secretary of the Dept of Science & Technology, will be held on 13 Decembe ’17.
  • A provisional cooperation agreement has been prepared and agreed with ETSI secretariat, approved by their Board and being put up to the forthcoming General Assembly on 28 & 29 November for ratification.
  • MacQuarie University, Sydney, Australia has initiated discussions with BIF for having a Cooperation Agreement.
  • There are ongoing discussions also with IIT Roorkee for engaging in Projects. Similar initiatives are contemplated with IIT Hyderabad and other such eminent institutes.

BIF Reports and White Papers