Membership Benefits and other Privileges

Following benefits and privileges, inter alia, are available to Members of Broadband India Forum:

  • Attend Society Membership Meetings and General Body Meeting;
  • Eligible to be nominated for election to the Governing Council, which establishes and guides policies and priorities;
  • Eligible to vote on important issues and matters related to the society: the Constitution, Board elections, etc.;
  • Participate in any of the Society Working Groups, Committees etc.;
  • Invitation to all the events conducted by the society at no fee or at discounted rates as applicable;
  • Access to information related to B I F and other telecom journals where members can also contribute;
  • Expert opinion on all the subjects related to ICT, Broadband, Satellite, Radio Communications, Spectrum, Telecommunication , research & development and standardization etc. can be made available to the members;
  • Attend free or at discounted rates, the seminars, conferences and workshops organized by the Forum and the third party events supported by the Forum;
  • Propose creation of new benefits and programs at the General Body Meeting, after the approval of which they would become available;
  • Opportunity to offer their expertise to provide professional advice/consulting services through BIF Consulting Group;
  • The Foundation maintains dynamic website for members to provide updated information.

Categories of Membership: IPTVIF/BIF

A company or an institution or any other legal entity engaged in the field of activity as related to the scope and purpose of the society shall be eligible to become corporate Member of the society. Corporate Membership shall be as a right subjected to the other provisions of these Rules and Regulations relating to Expulsion etc.

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