India-EU Stakeholders’ Workshop on 5G Technology Landscape - 5th-6th February, 2019

India-EU Stakeholders’ Workshop on 5G Technology Landscape - 5th-6th February, 2019

February 5-6 February 2019

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Day 1 Tuesday, 5thFebruary 2019 Gulmohar Hall
0900 – 0930


Welcome by Ms Pamela Kumar, Director General, TSDSI

Opening Remarks:

  • Prof Bhaskar Ramamurthi, Chairman TSDSI and Director IIT Madras
  • Mr Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, Secretary General, 5G Infrastructure Association
  • Mr T V Ramachandran, President, Broadband India Forum
  • Mr Tonnie De Koster, Advisor (International Outreach) for Digital Single Market at the EC
Inaugural Address by Ms Aruna Sundararajan, Chairman DCC & Secretary, Department of Telecom,  Govt. of India
1030-1100 Networking Tea

Session #1: Current Status of 5G Standardisation

  • 5G Standardisation Landscape, Mr Satish Jamadagni, Vice Chairman TSDSI (Vice President, RJIO) [Download Presentation]
  • 5G Standards Development Overview @ ETSI, Mr Dinesh Chand Sharma, Director-Standards and Policy, European Project SESEI (Seconded European Standardisation Expert in India) [Download Presentation]
  • Indian opportunities and India-EU Engagement in 5G, Mr Kishore Babu, DDG (Policy), DoT [Download Presentation]
  • EU's perspective on 5G standardisation, Mr Emilio Davila Gonzalez, Head of Sector, ICT Standardisation, European Commission
  • Evolving Trends in 5G,Mr Manoj Misra, GSMA India [Download Presentation]
1230 – 1315

Session #2: 5G Architecture and Applications

  • Total Enterprise Communication in the 5G Era, Mr Vipin Tyagi, Executive Director, C-DOT
  • 5G-MoNArch (5G Mobile Network Architecture for diverse services, use cases and applications in 5G & beyond) - “5G Architecture and Slicing for Customised Networks: the 5G-MoNArch Vision”, Mr Marco Gramaglia, University Carlos III of Madrid, deputy TM of 5G-MoNArch [Download Presentation]
  • Video demonstration by MoNArch
  • Application use cases and Architecture Frameworks - Mr M P Singhal, Sr DDG TEC

SESSION#3:5G Trials

  • “Pan-European 5G Trials Roadmap, and International Trials”, Mr Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, Secretary General, 5GIA [Download Presentation]
  • Regulatory Perspective, Mr U K Srivastava, Principal Advisor (NSL), TRAI [Download Presentation]
  • 5G HLF Initiative for Trials, Mr R K Pathak, Member Secretary, 5G HLF, DDG (IC), DoT
  • India initiatives, Prof Kiran Kuchi, IIT Hyderabad [Download Presentation]
  • Panel Discussion: Mr R K Pathak, DDG (IC), DoT (Moderator),Panelists: Mr U K Srivastava, TRAI; Prof Kiran Kuchi, TSDSI; Mr Jean Pierre Bienaimé, 5GIA

SESSION#4: Rural 5G

  • Overview of Low Mobility Large Cells (LMLC), Dr Radha Krishna Ganti, IIT Madras [Download Presentation]
  • Frugal 5G – Addressing Challenges of Rural Connectivity, Mr Pranav Jha,  IIT Bombay [Download Presentation]
  • Panel Discussion: Mr Andreas Sommer, India EU PP for ICT Cooperation, Moderator; Panelists: Mr Satish Jamadagni; Prof Kiran Kuchi, TSDSI; Mr S N Gupta, BIF (Blue Town)
  • Mr R B Prasad, WPC, DoT; Mr Deepak K Yadav, NOKIA


SESSION#5: 5G mmWave and VLC Building Network Architecture

  • Visible Light Communications: Research Challenges and Solutions, Asst. Prof Abhisek Dixit, IIT Delhi [Download Presentation]
  • 5G PPP IoRL (Internet of Radio Light) - “5G mmWave and VLC Building Network Architecture: First Key Performance Indicator Results from the IoRL project”, Mr John Cosmas, Project Technical Director [Download Presentation]
  • Videos demonstration showcasing IoRL
  • Learnings from Optical Wireless Communications Experiments towards Mobile Access Technology, Mr Subhas Mondal, Chief Architect 5G, WIPRO - Download Presentation
Day 2 Wednesday, 6thFebruary 2019 Tamarind Hall

SESSION#6: 5G Interoperability and Test Beds

  • Govt. Perspective: Mr Rajiv Sinha, DDG (NT), DoT
  • An overview of India 5G testbeds activities, Mr Babu Narayanan, Chief Technologist, CEWiT [Download Presentation]
  • RF and Antenna design challenges in Indigenous 5G test bed development, Dr P H Rao, SAMEER – Centre for Electromagnetics [Download Presentation]
  • Panel Discussion: Mr Babu Narayanan, Chief Technologist, CEWiT, Moderator; Panelists: Prof K V S Hari, IISc Bangalore; Dr Bighnaraj Panigrahi, TCS; Mr R Prakash, C-DOT (TBC);  Mr Naresh Vattikuti, WiSiG; Mr. Madhur Bhardwaj, Airtel [Download Presentation]
1100 – 1115 NETWORKING TEA
1115 – 1200

SESSION#7:  5G – Broadcast

  • 5G-Xcast (Broadcast and Multicast Communication Enablers for the 5th Generation of Wireless Systems) - “The role of broadcast in 5G networks”,  Dr Belkacem Mouhouche, Project Technical Director [Download Presentation]
  • Video demonstration of 5G-Xcast
  • Standardisation for Broadcast offload, Mr Anindya Saha, TSDSI GC Member (Saankhya Labs) [Download Presentation]
1200 – 1315

SESSION#8: Satellite  for 5G

  • SaT5G (Satellite and Terrestrial Network for 5G), Mr Romain Bucelle, 5G R&D coordinator, Thales Alenia Space [Download Presentation]
  • Video demonstration showcasing SaT5G
  • Space Segment perspective, Dr P K Jain, Associate Director, SATCOM PO, ISRO [Download Presentation]
  • Frequency coordination matters, Ms Revathi, Sr DWA (SAT) DoT [Download Presentation]
  • Indian SATCOM Industry perspective: Mr Gaurav Kharod, Country Manager, India, INTELSAT [Download Presentation]
  • Technology and Standards initiatives, Prof Kiran Kuchi, IIT Hyderabad [Download Presentation]
1400 - 1500

SESSION#9 : 5G and Cloud

  • Leveraging Cloud for 5G,  Mr Satish Jamadagni, Vice Chairman TSDSI
  • NGPaaS (Next Generation Platform as a Service) - “Next Generation Platform as a Service: 5G Cloud Native Solution”,Mr Gourav Prateek Sharma, Research Assistant/Gent University
  • Video demonstration showcasing NGPaaS
  • Status of Cloud Interoperability and Portability standards development, Prof Dinkar Sitaram, CCICI [Download Presentation]
1500 - 1515 NETWORKING TEA
1515- 1630


  • Panel Discussion: Way Forward for Collaborative Approach, Mr Benoit Sauveroche [Download Presentation], Delegation of the EU to India Moderator; Panelists: Mr Kishore Babu, DDG (Policy), DOT; Mr M P Singhal, Sr. DDG, Telecom Engineering Centre (DoT); Mr Satish Jamadagni TSDSI; Mr Tonnie De Koster, European Commission; Mr Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, 5GIA; Mr Andreas Sommer [Download Presentation], India EU Cooperation Project; Mr Xavier Piednoir, ETSI 
  • Closing Remarks : Ms Pamela Kumar, Director General, TSDSI
Vote of Thanks: Mr Anil Prakash, Director General, BIF

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India-EU Stakeholders’ Workshop on 5G Technology Landscape

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